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"What I love about coaching is its ability to transform our level of thinking and engagement, and how we impact on others. What I love about Stories is how they transform the way we think and how we connect - with ourselves and others.

As a child growing up in colonial West Africa, I was intrigued by my encounter with different cultures, different languages and behaviours. The Art of Connection, of integrating into a new group or community, were all vital skills for me to learn from an early age.

I left behind a very young country and returned to a very traditional one. I was amazed how unquestioning people in Britain could be about the status quo and about themselves. Just as Ghana, the country I left behind, was inventing a new story of freedom and hope for themselves, so I began to search for a new story or identity for myself. That fundamental questioning and self-reflection persists to this day.

As a coach, I meet many managers and leaders who don't feel "comfortable in their own skin"; they may feel constrained by working methods and practices that are never questioned, and may long for the opportunity to be more innovative. Or they feel at odds with the values in their working environment, and seek to become more purposeful in their Leadership. Some of my clients are in Career Transition to find work which has more meaning and purpose for them.

To address this, I have developed a powerful programme based on our most ancient communication tool, Stories, blended with current coaching techniques, for individuals and for teams.

This work has naturally grown out of over 20 years of experience in people development. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching for Transformational Leadership and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision, I can adapt a wealth of models, techniques and frameworks for your coaching needs. I am also a trained story practitioner specialising in organisational storytelling for service improvement and for wellbeing.

When I am not happily coaching, writing or telling stories, I like to curl up with a novel on the sofa with a cup of Rooibosch tea and a chocolate digestive - a perfect blend of Africa and England!

If you want a taster of my work, then you can book a free 30-minute consultation with me. Or better still, if you're in the North West, come along to The Story Cafe. Dates and details are on"


Lisa Rossetti has over 20 years' experience in training, mentoring and coaching. With a background as a Learning & Development, she worked for over 13 years in a local Mental Health NHS Trust. Much of her work now focuses on supporting teams and team leaders in Health & Social Care settings, the Public Sector and Third Sector organisations.

A qualified Leadership and Co-Active Coach, Lisa is a member of the International Coach Federation (ACC) and is a Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), working to their ethical standards. Lisa has a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching for Transformational Leadership, a Diploma in Coach Supervision and  Masters in Applied Storytelling for Health and Social Care.

In her spare time, Lisa volunteers her time and skills as an article writer and blogger for The Prem Rawat Foundation.

Lisa is a published author on story skills for managers, and has contributed articles and chapters to several publications on subjects such as leadership talent management and journalling for recovery.



Contact me now on 01244 678850 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a no-obligation 40-minute free coaching consultation (worth £100).


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