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Here's what just some of my clients have had to say about the difference that Positive Lives Coaching has made for them.

"Working with Lisa for the past twelve months has had a significant impact on my leadership skills - as the CEO of one charity and the chairman of another, the unique requirements of leadership in such a 'hearts and minds' sector requires, skill in dealing with the variety of stakeholders - employees, volunteers and Trustees, all of whom have their own needs and unique perspective. The coaching from Lisa enabled me to make much needed decisions and for the most part to take stakeholders with me on that journey. Indeed the change within the third sector and restraints on funding proved insightful in introducing change management that ensured the sustainability of the services of both the charities I am involved with. The support and guidance of someone who is completely objective, strategic and supportive enabled me to resolve some very challenging situations. I can’t thank Lisa enough".
Tony Lloyd,
ABL Consultancy

"Lisa is an excellent coach who creates a safe and confidential coaching space. She skilfully uses a range of coaching techniques and questions. Her “signature” is metaphor which she uses to great effect to explore issues in depth. Lisa effectively combines humour, warmth and intuition to probe and challenge gently achieving insight and growth."
Gayl Long,
Coach and HR Consultant

"Lisa was excellent at getting me to think in more depth, she used her own intuition to provide me with some powerful insights that really got to the heart of the issue. She challenged me by asking questions that I didn't automatically expect and as a result I started to think at a different level."
Rachel D
Consultancy Director

"Lisa's creative energy, lightness and sense of fun have moved me from a goal I hoped to achieve to being in a place were that goal is a reality.  For anybody in who wants to embark on a big change in their life or has a significant goal to achieve I would highly recommend working with Lisa."
Louise Dudley

"Lisa has great skill and teasing out stuff- strengths, weaknesses and she gently challenges you to address those and build positively on them.
My first objective was to get my promotion- which I achieved. I have also solved many management issues as a result of the coaching, improved my time management, become much more in control of my own life, worklife balance and sense of well being.
A very timely coaching session before my first team meeting with my new managers meant that I achieved much greater impact."
Maggi Howard
Director of Regeneration, Knowsley Housing Trust

"I always enjoyed Lisa’s coaching sessions –they really helped as I grappled with all the issues around developing my new business.
She helped me think differently about myself – I learnt that I have more strength that I was giving myself credit for. That was invaluable. She has an enthusiastic presence and I always felt more positive after the coaching sessions – eager  & equipped to tackle whatever business issues were facing me."
John McClean
Executive Coach & Consultant

"My confidence has been enhanced to explore secondment opportunities and continue to raise my profile and circle of influence, and I felt that the coaching sessions were excellent."
NHS Information Manager
"I needed interview coaching and Lisa was happy to help. She was enthusiastic about me and my endeavour to succeed. Lisa has a good sense of humour and I found her comfortable to work with, I learnt things about myself that I hadn’t really thought about before and I’m now sharing these with others, I would recommend Lisa as a coach."
Katherine Parr
NHS Manager
"Thank you once again for the course, it has inspired me and urged me on to focus on my business."
Helen B
Business Owner
"Your coaching approach was very relaxed and natural. You are very perceptive and intuitive in the way you coach, so I felt I was brought to a place of choice.  Coaching is wonderful, I find it is useful in all situations, at work or at home.  I feel coaching helps bring about possibilities, breaking old patterns, and I feel I have moved forward."
RS - Project Manager, British Telecom
"Your coaching was relaxed and purposeful. You gave me "hard" questions but not in a hard way, and got me focused right from the beginning and kept me on target."
Dr Sandy Clyne
Business Psychologist
"Positive Lives gives the type of coaching that will be of great benefit to anyone who wishes to improve their business or lifestyle.
It is a very personal service that inspires those who embrace it; Positive Lives has enabled me to really understand my business and focus on what it is I really do!
This has resulted in my business being more effective and efficient which has produced better and more positive relationships with my clients
It's not just the way I operate my business that's different, it's had a positive result on my life also, less stress = happy family!"
David Pritchard
Internet Business Consultant, WSI
"I wanted some coaching that was more exploratory in nature rather than action based, and Lisa was the perfect coach for this. She allowed me the space to explore my inner landscape, guided me to view situations differently with great use of metaphor, and held me to exploring the murkier corners I might have tried to avoid. At the end of our sessions my perspective on my situation had shifted to a much stronger outlook, I felt more empowered to be true to myself."
Annie Meachem
Attraction Marketing Coach
"I felt like I was in a rut, and needed someone to turbo charge me towards reaching my goals and dreams in life. Lisa asked me questions, and listened carefully to my answers, drawing out of me much about my personality and needs which I didn't yet understand. Due to the coaching, I realised that I needed to change my life as radically as moving house.   In other words, my life has come a long way since starting coaching. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a coach to help others achieve their potential.   Thanks Lisa, for all you have done for me!"
Rupert Heesom BBA
"I thank you for your respectful and gently enquiry with clarity, consideration and professionalism throughout. It was also a joy to share my 'A-ha' moments with you. I have no hesitation in recommending you for either personal or business coaching and I look forward to working with you again. With gratitude."
Sue Ashton-Green
(chiropractor and therapist, Living Well Naturally)
"I find Lisa's manner totally supportive and rather than 'tell me what to do' , she puts the ball very much in my court to help me find my own answers. This way, I feel much more comfortable with my action steps. I feel confident in sharing the challenges that I am experiencing because Lisa is very insightful and often sees a way round that I do not. I am altogether very inspired and grateful for the coaching that I am getting from Lisa and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to dust down the cobwebs and see through the glass to a brighter, abundant, exciting future."
Lisa Williams
"Being coached by Lisa Rossetti helped me gain clear goals to aim for in my life. Positive shifts have happened whilst being coached. Thank you Lisa, you have been my guardian angel."
Kim Parsons
"Running your own business can also mean running away with all your spare time. Lisa helped me sort out my work/life balance by listening intently to gain an understanding of me and my business needs and then guiding me into trying solutions and strategies - each week something new - small positive steps which actually work. I found Lisa to be very diplomatic, patient, honest and trustworthy at all times."
Kathryn Crabtree
House of Colour
"Thanks for your help; I am now really focused and very positive about my new role, so there should be no stopping me now."
KW, Healthcare Manager
"I’d already figured out my weak points in business but Lisa’s coaching helped me find strategies to tackle them and move forward. I have made huge progress already, thanks to Lisa’s wise assistance and I would recommend her to any business person looking for concrete solutions fast."
Louise Bolotin
Copywriter and editor


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