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Hands Across the Ocean

I am feeling very inspired by Connection.  And am having a "Hands Across the Ocean" moment - as we put the finishing preparations in place for "Walking the Stories".  http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd

Did you know that women across the world, from USA to UK, from Asia to Africa, are talking about our little celebration of International Women's Day in Chester?

Brigitte is my lovely contact in Ghana, and the inspiration for Walking the Stories. She wrote to her fellow alumni of the Vital Voices programme about our event. She says:

"As you know, Mentoring Walk was an idea we got from our mentoring experience in the US and is held in several other countries all over the world ...  The Non-Profit, Vital Voices, which co-ordinates the Fortune Mentoring Programme, adopted it as an initiative and therefore it is the alumni of the Fortune programme who are flagbearers in the various countries."

Anyway, it is heartening to say the least. You can read about Vital Voices at www.vitalvoices.org. 

I think that Emmeline Pankhurst would be proud of us!

We meet on Sunday,  12.45 at the Riverside Campus. Will you be there?

Come and join us!

And do you want carrot cake, ginger cake or flapjacks? I'll get them all!

Last minute bookings: http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd 

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