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Spiderman's Tears

Last Saturday was exceptionally hot. On my way home from town, I saw a little blond haired boy being dragged up the hill by his long-suffering mother.  He was red-faced and bawling. And dressed from head to foot in a Spiderman outfit.

“Why can’t you just stop crying?” sighed his mother.

Of course, I am always thinking of the Back Story. Did our little hero wake up early, eager to save the world, confident in his magic powers? Did he get taken to a kiddies’ party, bounding in to the room looking for adventure? Did he find out somebody else was in charge, marshalling him to the games, getting him to calm down? Did he find out that he couldn’t actually fly or transform himself?

Well, I will never know. But it got me thinking about our Young Leaders.  How do we change the world when Somebody Else always seems to be in charge, telling us that we are not old enough, don’t have enough experience. When we are shown to a desk, and given a role which is a disappointment to us?

Stripped of our magical powers (Youth, Vision, Enthusiasm, Human Heart), how do we construct a meaningful story to take its place? Must we adopt an acceptable persona like Clark Kent, ready to emerge triumphant when the Call comes?

How do we nurture our leaders' Resilience in the face of disappointment?  

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