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The Power of Stories™ for Small to Medium Organisations

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How to Motivate Your Team & Grow Your Bottom Line Through Internal Storytelling Techniques


Your organisation will grow its financial bottom line, as well as staff and customer satisfaction when you incorporate storytelling into your organisation's internal communications.

As a leader of a small to medium organisation, it is likely that individual staff and teams focus their attention on those who receive the services of your organisation. However, does your group also remember to talk to each other about your work? Storytelling is not just for the outside customers, it is also for our members and our team – our internal customers.

Stories can inspire and motivate your staff, improve staff and customer retention and grow job satisfaction. You will also see an increase in networking “fans”. In turn, an organisation that is celebrating its stories generates much greater satisfaction among clients.

Learn to use the power of storytelling in your communications with your internal customer with these seven tips:

1. Storytelling (or narrative leadership if you prefer!) is a vital Leadership skill.


Leaders should know and speak the stories of their people’s everyday successes.  They should seek out the “Legends” in the making and articulate them both internally and publicly.

Do your leaders only speak to everyone when there is a problem? Stories are everywhere in an organisation and they can be easy to find. When using storytelling in SMEs, the leaders must be the first to demonstrate this communication technique and they should seek to do so for every level of staff.  And don’t be afraid of negative stories. Keeping your ear to the ground for negative stories will save you a lot of time, trouble and money, as you will be able to gauge staff and customer satisfaction and nip managerial problems in the bud.

2. At least once every quarter, have each department or team share stories about their role in the organisation.  Understanding what we do, and how we do it together, makes for healthy teamwork. A story will illustrate your connection to others within the organisation much more powerfully than an organisational chart.


3. Share stories at the beginning and endings of projects. Staff will engage better together, understand the vision better, and also overcome any anxieties or concerns they have, through facilitated story sessions.

4. Bullet pointed agendas and data-driven PowerPoints all have their place in an organisation. But most people do not retain data and figures, nor are they emotionally engaged and motivated by them.  Incorporate stories into your agenda, living examples, and your staff will grasp the point 100% better.

5.  Successful SMEs are driven by leaders with Vision. Without the fuel of inspiring stories, your organisation’s “vehicle” is going to grind to a halt.

6. Be sure staff training includes stories from all levels throughout the organisation, not just from the top downwards. Our Power of Stories™ workshops will teach your staff how to be a story “catcher” in your organisation.  Stories are the oldest form of communication and learning. Invite and train your staff to create stories of the organisation. We can teach your staff vital story skills, as well as help you to “storify” your blogs, newsletters.

7. Do you assume your staff and your networking colleagues really understand your Vision and Mission? As a coach to SMEs, I know full well how quickly some staff can burn out, and often because they don’t truly understand your mission statement or what is expected of them. When your staff are clear and feel they are part of a powerful Vision, you will see less absenteeism, greater staff retention. Power of Stories™ workshops will help you add great stories (enjoyable as well as serious) to your training, away days or inductions, with long-term benefits.

Make storytelling is an integral part of your communication and team building strategy.



Lisa Rossetti

Power of Stories™ Coach
Positive Lives
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