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The Women's Code - Green Violet White

With International Women's Day nearly here (officially 8 March), I've been carrying out a Straw Poll.

Who knows the Code?  Can you decipher the colour code of Green Violet White?

Here's a clue - Suffragettes wore banners in green, violet and white.

I am amazed that nobody I have asked knows how to decipher the Code.

Green = Give; Violet = Votes; White = Women.

So deciphered: Give Votes to Women

What else do you know about International Women's Day? Do you know it is celebrated all around the world?  Or what the UN theme for IWD is this year? (Our Walking the Stories event has chosen the theme of Courage and Hope.)

Find out fascinating facts and see some absolutely stunning photographs that celebrate the diversity of humanity, on: http://www.internationalwomensday.com/

Interestingly, there are 148 events registered on the official IWD site in UK, and 52 in USA.  We're there!  http://www.internationalwomensday.com/search.asp

Be part of a truly Global event. Come and celebrate 100 years of International Women's Day in Chester.

Book your place at http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd

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