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I really do have some fabulously rewarding work – coaching our leaders of tomorrow in Social Care.

Last time I met up with my young clients, they all asked the same questions. How do I write my Personal Statement? What do I say in Interview?


I recently signed up for an exciting webinar from Michael Margolis called The New About Me.  (Apparently, the About Me page on your website is the most visited page, #1.)

I jotted down a few bullet points and here they are. Thanks to Michael for his  insights and great generosity in sharing his expertise.


How to Use Your Personal Story to Win the Business or Job

You are the narrator of your life story, in everything you do and say. Make it work for you.  Your story is your most powerful USP. Tell people a story they can identify with as their own. Then the need to persuade, convince or sell to them disappears.



You don't have to brag, be the best, put on a false front of success. Just tell your Story. I've even delivered a keynote speech to undergraduates entitled "How I Got It All Wrong" which basically told the Twists and Turns of my life to illustrate overcoming challenges and set-backs. I suppose you could say my Story has A Beginning - A Muddle - And An End!


Tell your story in:

  • Bios
  • About Me web pages
  • Elevator Speech
  • Personal Statements in Resumes


Avoid These Bio Pitfalls:

  • Just Plain Boring or Serious Self-importance (the “Sage on the Stage”)
  • Bragging (I’m more successful; I’m the best; who I know, hang out with)
  • Timidity (stock phrases, no personal connection, no power)


Some Questions to Get You Started:

  • What forces shaped me?
  • Where was I born and raised?
  • Who were my parents?
  • What I studied/learnt in life?
  • What was my challenge?
  • How did I meet my challenge?
  • What’s next for me?


Remember - "Your Natural Authority lies in embracing who you were born to be."


And there's more:

Be sure to look up Michael Margolis – he’s just launched a new programme on “storifying” your Bio. www.getstoried.com


Or contact me for your Personal Story coaching to tap into the Power of Stories!


And Now ... The Story Cafe! Your Oasis in Your Busy Week! Harnessing the power of stories to transform your story of you.


Check out our new Facebook Page: http://tinyurl.com/TheStoryCafe




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