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Will You Walk With Us?

Walking the Stories - Sun 6 March

The birds are twittering like mad, and there’s a real promise of Spring in the air.

So fingers crossed for lovely weather on Sunday 6 March – when we will be celebrating International Women’s Day here in Chester, with walking, stories and, of course, cake!

For more information and bookings: http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd

We’re looking forward to meeting all you lovely ladies who are walking with us on 6 March.

News of this event has spread around the world – from the UK to West Africa and to the USA. I’ve been contacted by women from around the world who are organising similar IWD events. So it is a really International Women’s Day!

We've put together a really enjoyable programme which includes a spring walk in the Meadows by the River Dee, and a chance to have some informal personal mentoring along the way from a professional coach and mentor.

We then make our way towards the newly refurbished Riverside Complex (still known to most Cestrians as “County Hall”) for the Storytelling Event.

Make sure of your place and join us for "Walking the Stories": http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd

Why Walking and Mentoring?  The practice of walking and learning is age-old. Women have always walked, talked, shared stories and learnt from each other. That continues to this day. And nowadays, women in Asia, America and Africa take part in special Mentoring Walks for personal development (www.vitalvoices.com). We've brought a very special Mentoring Walk right to your very own doorstep on 6 March!

I've had a fascinating search for stories, to choose just the right ones for this special event. Stories that will celebrate women's Courage and Hope through the ages.

My fellow Linked-Inners at the Organisational Storytelling group shared some wonderful examples of real-life stories of women. Thanks to Hamutal Gouri, Liesbeth Rentinck and Elizabeth Black for sharing your most inspiring women’s stories with me:

The story of Rosa Parks, whose single act of dissent led eventually to the abolishment of racial segregation on buses. Inspiring stories in Anne Firth Murray's book: From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice.

The story of Dawn Anna Townsend, a single woman who had to cope with a serious brain disease and soon after the murder of daughter at the Colombine Highschool massacre. How through courage, she succeeded in raising her children and overcoming her grief for the loss of her daughter.

Or the story of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and their experiences during the Night of Terror in 1917 at Occoquan prison, where they were held for picketing the White House as part of the campaign to win the vote for women.

In the end, Lizzie Gates and myself have opted for traditional and inspiring stories from cultures across the world. Stories from the Innuits, from India and ancient Persia, and elsewhere. Stories that have been passed down for centuries to impart inner learning, to strengthen and to encourage.

We have chosen stories which we feel will touch the heart and inspire you to reflect on women’s Courage and Hope, and on your own life.

The women are gathering. Will you join us?

For more information and bookings: http://positivelives.co.uk/iwd



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