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What is Profiling?

Simply put, "profiling" is a tool. It helps you, and your prospective employer, understand where your strengths lie, what your managerial or leadership style is, or what the best career niche for you may be, based on a series of questions. Profiling tools usually generate a report or a set of data. This might be anything from a complex list of competency indicators to a simple report or diagram.

Is Profiling Expensive?

Profiling need not be expensive nor complicated. We offer a range of profiling services to support your development, providing a very personalized focus for your coaching programme.

Our Profiling Tools:

  • Strengths Profiling – created by Gallup Organisation, this online questionnaire and accompanying workbook provide you with your Top Talents. Discover your strengths and learn how to articulate them powerfully to others; identify suitable careers that incorporate your skills, experiences and talents. Questionnaire free – workbook £12.99 (current price ex postage, available on Amazon)
  • Work-Life Questionnaire - a free online questionnaire that measures Work-Life Satisfaction. Helpful for making career decisions.
  • True Colors – temperament profiling based on Jung and Myers Briggs, but more accessible and more affordable. Understand your personal temperament profile, values and needs, and find out how these factors contribute to a satisfying career, and why you may have gone wrong in the past.
    Helpful for understanding team relationships. Cost: £20.00 (includes pocketbook values guide) plus coaching fee - minimum 1 session.

Personal and Professional Satisfaction
Try this free assessment tool for FREE.
Measures your level of satisfaction and range of expression in areas of your professional or personal life. As you work through the assessment you will find areas where you can acknowledge yourself on the success you have created, and areas where you may want to improve your level of satisfaction.

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